With hypnosis you can stop smoking easily and effortlessly. Almost all of smoking is psychological, so hypnotherapy attacks your smoking where it lives - inside your mind.


To stop smoking you need to address three separate areas. There is the addiction, the effect of the nicotine, the false beliefs about smoking, and the situations that act as triggers to remind you to light up.

Beliefs about smoking

The second part of the therapy focuses on your beliefs about the role that smoking plays in your life. Smokers often are convinced that they cannot relax without a cigarette, that smoking relieves stress, or that their best ideas only come when smoking, and other self justifying beliefs.   By using suggestion and metaphor, these false beliefs are removed.
Situational Triggers

For the long term smoker, all sorts of situations have become associated with smoking. Most smokers tell themselves that they enjoy a cigarette after a meal, with a drink, to give themselves a break. These are all highly charged situations and the smoker has created powerful conditioned responses to these.
Hypnosis is used to create new mental associations with meals, breaks, coffee, driving - whatever it is that the ex-smoker associates with smoking.

Addiction / The Physical Habit

Contrary to popular beliefs, the physical addiction of nicotine is actually quite mild. People often have self fulfilling beliefs about how addictive tobacco is and how difficult it will be to give up. Therefore the first part of the therapy is aimed at correcting the client's beliefs about how easy it is to give up, and giving the client post hypnotic instructions about how they will feel after they throw away their cigarettes.
By using this three-part approach smoking gets beaten for ever.
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Jennifer Booth BSc (Psychology), MSc (Clinical Psychology), DipCAH, HPD, MNCH, MBPsS
Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner

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